Why Brocl?

We have more than 2000 online stores with cashback, 100 000 coupons and more than 1 000 000 products where you can get cashback up to 50%. We have the awesome referral program which allows you to get cashback from your friends and from friends of friends. It's very awesome opportunity which allows you to get money more than from your own purchases

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We offer one of the profitable referral programs which allow you earn more money than you can get from your own purchases.

As a rule, other cashback companies offer you around 10% from your purchases, welcome gift and 5-10% from your referral. Fewer companies offer you to get 3-5% cashback from a referral of referral. It's the second level in your referral graph. It's more profitable than one level and less profitable than our program.

More than that: our cashback referral program allows you to earn more money than you can get from your own purchases but let's keep moving forward step by step.

Some statistics 

On our statistics, USA citizen spends around $5000 in the year on online shopping. Main referral affiliate program pays up to 20% and $1000 in cash.

Regular cashback service

Regular cashback service allows you to earn up to 50% on possible cashback and collect rest of it. So on the main rules, you can earn $1000*50%=$500. If you have 10 referrals and each of them spends the same money on shopping and you can collect 10%: $500*10*10%=$500. Your total amount: $500+$500=$1000. It's awesome, but let's keep moving forward. 

We pay 30% on the rest of cashback of All your referral graph!

We publish information about all commission, not half or 30% like other cashback systems. This is the feature! Let's calculate your bonus:

Brocl.com cashback reward

1. Your start rate in our system: 30%. It's growing up to 70% if you make purchases yourself. In our previous calculation, you can get $1000*30%=$300. It's less than previous $500 but let's keep calculation. 

2. Next, you can get 30% on rest of all your friends who you have invited: $1000-$500=$500

-Rest: $1000-$300=$700

-Your earn: $700*10*30% = $2100

Your total in the year: $600+$2100=$2700! Wow Amazing, but let's keep moving forward! 

3. If every of your friend invited 10 people with same purchases, each of them earn $2700 accordingly step 2 and you can earn:

-Rest of each: $1000-$300-$210=$490

-Your earn: $490*100*30%=$14700!

You total $600+$2100+$14700=$17400!

Do you like the way we think? Don't stop, have you heard about Random Referrals? 

4. Random referrals

Every new user without Inviter connects to random Profile who going to get cashback from his purchases accordingly step3. More information about Random Referral.

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Our mission

the best cashback opportunity

We dream to create the most profitable cashback service and collect more than 5000 stores, 100 000 coupons, 1 000 000 products where you can get cashback.

Good experience

We work around the world more than 8 years

We create the most profitable cashback service which allows you to earn money in USA, Asia, Europe etc. We integrate last innovation like mobile app, browser extensions, bots, machine learning technology for more your comfortable profitable shopping.

Why people choose us?

because we're different

You can find many cashback services on market, but we have:

  • We love our clients.
  • More than 5000 stores around the world.
  • Very fast customer support.
  • The best referral program which allow your earn more money.
  • Regular development of new services.
  • Very comfortable Profile Account.
  • Customer support 24/7.
  • Useful notification system.

Our statistics

  • Welcome gift $10 Sign up and get welcome gift $10 on your account.
  • Random Referral The System connect every new user without referral code to our client. More information
  • Customer Rate 30%—70% You can get from 30% to 70% on Cash Back in your purchases.
  • Referral percent 30% You earn 30% from rest amount on all your referral graph.
  • 5000 stores We have stores with cashback around the world.
  • 100 000 coupons We update coupons on real time.

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Us 1 000 000 users! Sign up now and get $10 on your account